What is the Proper Noopept Dose?

This question comes up a lot. What is the proper dose for noopept? Unfortunately the answer isn’t always so simple when it comes to noopept, racetams and other nootropics. The fact is that different people react differently to different substances. While some people might feel substantial effects from doses of noopept as low as 10 mg, others may not feel anything at all.

There is not a lot of verifiable, scientific information about noopept dosages out there. The general noopept dose is between 10 and 30 mgs per day. Some people take 10 mgs 3 times daily while others have reported dosing as high as 30 mg 3 times daily. Again, each person reacts differently and this needs to be taken into account when figuring out whats right for you. It is generally a good idea to start with a small dose of noopept and work your way up while paying attention to your body, mind, mood etc. You may find your tolerance is very low or possibly very high.

It’s also important to remember that just because you aren’t feeling “buzz” like effects doesn’t mean that things aren’t working the way they should. All too often people continue to up their noopept dose until they find themselves suffering from a headache and a mental fog. Whats the point of that? If you’re looking to get high then noopept isn’t what you’re looking for. If you want to increase brain function, clarity, focus and even confidence, noopept could be right for you.

Most literature suggests taking 10-30 mg a day as a standard dose. At the same time there are people out there that sell doses as high as 100 mg. I don’t advise taking a dose this strong without first assessing your tolerance.

As with any chemical, vitamin or herb it’s a good idea to check with your doctor. At this time there are no known drug interactions but the reality is that safety information for noopept is limited at best. While it doesn’t appear to have interaction with other drugs, it hasn’t been properly tested with the majority of pharmaceuticals on the market. Practice caution if you are currently taking prescription medication.

I suggest taking advantage of the 30 day free trial that I’m offering. That way you can play with the noopept dose and find out if it works for you. Why not?

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